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Omegle is an absolutely free online service using which the users can chat with the strangers without having been registered on the website. It was created maintained by an 18 year old teenager named Leif K-Brooks, belonging to the states of Brattelboro, Vermont and was successfully launched on March, 25, 2008. The service has a logic-engine which anonymously pairs any two users, selected in random, in one-to-one chat allowing them to chat with each other. The handles of this service, namely ‘You’ and ‘Stranger’ are the two basic users which are connected with each logically and are each given the permission to disconnect the chat session any time they wish to. They are many sites like omegle on the web, but omegle is one of the famous and top website from all of them. Omegle also has a video conferencing service available for the users where, the logic behind the inter-connection of two users being the same, they are allowed to have a video chat session with each other. Sites like Omegle text has a slogan ‘Talk to Strangers’ which starts up the whole session for the respective user. Omegle has recently come up with the mobile version of the service allowing the users to ‘Talk to Strangers’ while being on the move.

Sites like Omegle

The ‘Talk to Strangers’ feature of Omegle makes it feel free for the users to have a random chat with unknown people around the world, without any commitment, without any knowledge of each other. So basically it just allows the users to have fun in one single click of the button. If the user doesn’t like talking to a stranger; he simple can switch the session to some other stranger. I have also provided the list of top 10 similar sites like omegle where the fun is even more. So please checkout the websites list below.


Top 10 Chat Sites like Omegle

1. ChatRandom

ChatRandom is a chat service having features which allows users to use video chat service with strangers all around the world. It is one of the fastest growing chat service providing the users with five different methods to chat randomly with the strangers to sites like omegle but better which are all absolutely of no cost and still provide the best chatting experience to the users.

The features of ChatRandom include girls roulette, gay chat, random chat, webcam chat, cam4 chat, chat rooms, among many others. It makes it extremely easy for users to find random people from around the globe almost instantly. The Chatroulette alternative it provides allows the user to share his webcam with random strangers while even allowing to view their webcams. The user can easily switch to some other random stranger’s webcam just by pressing the next button.

ChatRandom has gradually become the largest and best Chatroulette alternative web service with its highly dedicated team and strong features. So start using Chatroulette and start finding new buddies, fooling around, meeting random people and explore the excitement in a video-chat way.

2. Chatroulette

Chatroulette, an online chat service, created by a 17-year old high-school teenager from Moscow, Russia, named Andrey Ternovsky, that selects two random users from around the globe and connects them for a cam-based video chat session. The users using the service start an online chat, text chat, video chat or an audio chat, with another random user. At any time the user feels like to switch to another user, he may leave the current chat session and switch to the next one by initiating another random connection.

3. Dirtyroulette

Dirtyroulette is another chat service which provides the best experience of random cam sites. It is best for some virtual sex fun without having any commitments made to the other person. Its unique feature of ‘adults only’ function allows users to instantly find some user to enjoy with. It takes the basic design of ordinary Chatroulette and brings the user an advanced type of Sex Chatroulette. It is completely risk-free and makes it completely a safe way to have one-night stand with unknown users from around the world.

4. Chat Rad

ChatRad was launched in the month of May, 2013 and has enough users for you to be able to find a connection with some decent number of users. It has few advanced and unique features allowing the users to have a ‘g’ rated chat. The chat service loads pretty faster as compared to any other similar chat service and hence removes the frustration of the users waiting for the site to load. This chat service was recently launched and is a good candidate to come in the top 100k of Alexa. It has a challenging future and gradually will be the serious competitor for the top position in the world of virtual random chats.

5. Funyo

Funyo is a popular chat service like Omegle, launched in 2011 with 1000s of people online at any point of time, thus allowing the users to get a definite connection with a stranger anytime they use the service. It has all the basic features of a typical social networking service with a prime focus on random webcam chat. This site ranks in the top 50k in Alexa with many cool extra features that may not be available in any other chat service. It recently launched its new version of which is much faster and has 100 times more users than in the previous version.

6. Gaypage

Gaypage is another growing chat web service that has emerged in popularity within few months after its launch. With around 10k men online at a particular time, the user never feels alone in finding a user to get connected with. It has a smart feature of allowing the user to enlarge the screen which makes the site even more attractive and fun to explore. It is hopefully expected that this site will hold the number one gay video chat site in few months. The users find it easy to explore the features of Gaypage just by pressing ‘Start’ button and allowing their webcam to get connected to a random guy among 100s of 1000s of users online. By clicking ‘Next’ button, the user can simply skip the current chat session to another one with some other guy.

7. Camzap

Camzap is yet another chat service based on cam-chat, started in October,2006. It got modified in a course of time and got converted to a random chat service with an extra features of a typical social networking service, perhaps trying it to appear as social networking sites like FunYo and iMeetzu. The site has recently updated itself with cam feature where you can not only chat with random users, but also watch live shows. So when a user initiates his webcam, it also streams his video to many other users. It may seem an innovative idea but it surely doesn’t make it a pure adult chat service by making your session as public. It still ranks among the top 100k in Alexa and is probably in the top 10 busiest random chat sites .

8. Streamberry

Streamberry is another omegle like chat service, launched in November,2007 and is competing hard to become one the top busiest random chat site on internet. It has hundreds of thousands of users always online so a user wouldn’t feel frustrated in getting someone connected to him. It has some advanced features like live cams and cam girls that make it unique apart from other omegle like sites. It allows the user to start his live cam and let him be watched by many other users which are then counted so he can see how many users he is being watched by. It is among the top 50k in Alexa.

9. Videochat US

VideochatUS is a site similar to Omegle, launched in the middle of 2011 and has a decent amount of traffic of users. The sites is based overseas but sees a handsome amount of users belonging to US region and is totally in English. The site is typical to a random chat service and doesn’t provide any extra feature and hence, it is easy to use and loads faster than any other site in the list. The site may be disappointing for some users who want an adult chat sessions as it doesn’t allow the users to chat on sexual motives. It has moderators which will automatically shut the session on a hint of finding an adult chat. So, it’s a not a best choice for user who want to try out some adult fun.

10. Quierochat

Quierochat is a first Spanish Omegle like chat site that was launched in the year of 2008. It has continuously upgraded itself and have grown popular for international users with around 800 users online at a given time. It is available in more than one language, but is best for Spanish speaking users. It loads quicker but doesn’t provide any extra features like any other chat service. It still finds itself in the top 100k in Alexa. It is growing slowly and expected to make into top 5 soon.

Is it Safe to Chat on Omegle?

The trend of online chat website is on rise. The internet is so full of the websites that promise to offer an unmatched experience to the user. But, not all the websites offer a pleasing experience; some might turn the experience in to the worst nightmare of the user. Just the number of such websites is skyrocketing, the number of users falling prey to such scams and webs is also increasing by leaps and bounds. Day in and day out, one can hear the depressing news of misuse of personal data or content shared on the internet especially on such chat websites.

If you check the internet, you will find many strange websites that offer strange services. These websites often appear appealing to the people and then they cast a spell on the regular lives of the people and even worse, these websites haunt the people.

Well, who is to blame for this? The website or the users? The answer is quite simple, the responsibility lies on both the parties.

Omegle, the very popular chat website can be termed as responsible in this respect as it takes utmost care of security and safety of the users who are giving their time to this website. Omegle is a hundred percent safe and secure website where a user can chat to strangers without having to worry about the leak of the personal content he or she is sharing.

Omegle gives the option of text chat and video chat to the users and both the chat options are kept under scanner to avoid any explicit or questionable content. The users and the content are completely filtered and then reach the screen of the computers. No single person is allowed to share anything related to pornography or other questionable content of Omegle.

The users can trust Omegle for safety and security of their identity. Omegle offers the user an option to hide their identity from the stranger they are talking to. There is no way a stranger can find out the real identity of the other stranger he is talking to.

Taking with a stranger is really a fun experience but, it is also the responsibility of a person to draw the lines where necessary. It is up to the user what he wants to share with the stranger and what to hide. He must know his limits and boundations while talking to a stranger. As far as the security of identity and already shared content is concerned the user can trust Omegle for that matter.

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